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Anex Air-X — A Travel Baby Carriage 


The Anex Air-X carriage is our second design for Anex Baby. The challenge was specific: airplane travel. With a carriage and a small child. Our task was to design a fully functional stroller that, when collapsed, could fit into a baggage compartment. But before it was collapsed to such small dimensions, it could help you maneuver about the airport, cross great distances, and overcome various obstacles. All with one hand, of course. Impossible? Meet the Anex Air-X carriage, lauded by users and the Red Dot competition jury.

  • Krakow
  • Accomplished services:
    new product development  
  • Impact: 
    a considerable boost to the company’s image
    a brand with high-quality products
    products that are trendsetters in the industry 

Anex is easily gaining a foothold in the industry, in spite of having only been established in 2012. This brand focuses on products for children without forgetting about their parents. It has an unusual mission—it wants to free parents and families from their stereotypes. 


Anex offers modern baby carriages that are durable and made of environmentally-friendly materials.

Anex Baby aims its products at young parents who don’t want to change their lifestyles when a baby appears in their lives. Work, travel, and mobility are parts of their everyday life. But air travel with a child remains a challenge. Anex has investigated this problem and found a solution: a fully functional stroller that fits into a baggage compartment when collapsed.


Our task was to design it so that customers would fall in love at first sight.

In the Anex Air-X design, both teams—the client’s engineers and our designers—had to give it their all. It was not easy to design a construction that collapsed to such a compact form. It was even harder to simplify and structure it so that it had a minimalist appeal and a user-friendly look. But the greatest challenge was designing the stroller so that it folded fluidly and intuitively—a thing you can’t see, but cannot fail to sense.

Apart from the standard sketches, models, and mock-ups, work on the Anex Air-X meant dozens of tests. Trials collapsing and unfolding the carriage until we reached perfection—the ideally fluid and intuitive experience.


What sets this model apart is its minimalism. Functionality reduced to an evident sequence of ‘unfold and go, collapse and fly,’ going hand-in-hand with a simplicity of style. Air-X is a carriage that will catch people’s eye on the streets.


Ryszard Poniedziałek,
Head of Design in Ergodesign 



The Air-X is a very light stroller created for travel.


Its reduced weight and compact size when collapsed mean you can take it on board a plane as carry-on baggage. The innovative, one-step folding mechanism is easy to operate with one hand. Its high maneuverability means Air-X gets around easily in the airport line-ups and security zones. 

We see the success of this design not only in the Red Dot Awards, but also in our long-running collaboration with Anex—we are presently working together on a fifth carriage model, and the number of our designs is always on the rise. The same goes for the innovation level of our solutions. And Anex is gradually refocusing from fashion to good design. We believe that this has been our contribution. 

Jury evaluation 

The legible form of this purist stroller is a delight. The compact size and high maneuverability make it the perfect companion for an airplane journey.

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