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Royal Star Aero #myairstory

Royal Star Aero is amongst the top 5 pilot training centers in Poland. Our client was already both recognizable and professional when we first met, and they were certainly ambitious. They wanted to revolutionize their technical base and create an innovative system to train their pilots, and we're not one to turn down a challenge. So, we designed such a system (for any license needed) and created new services using modern digital tools. 

  • Krakow, Mielec airport 
  • Completed services: 
    designed a new training service
    designed an e-learning platform
    designed a mobile application for pilots  


No. 1 Aviation Centre in Poland  

The Royal Star Aero Flight School has been in operation for nearly 20 years and has over 2000 trained pilots. The center also offers PART 145 maintenance and Continued Airworthiness Management Organization (CAMO) services, and if that wasn't impressive enough, they also reconstruct historical aircraft. "Out of passion, for passion", a phrase that pleasantly and accurately summarizes the attitudes of the owner and training team.


Our work is our passion, and we enjoy providing flight training that fulfills the dreams of others. 


The Royal Star Team

We want to be the best [pilot] training center in Poland. Always three steps ahead of the game. We want to set the standards in the market, not follow them.


Krzysztof Pawełek,
owner of Royal Star

Nose to tail support  

When it comes to service design, our team is hard to beat. Though, we wanted to have some common ground with the Royal Star team, so we brought in an industry expert - a professional pilot to join our design team. It turned out to be a great move, as we soon found ourselves in the air for our first meeting, with our pilot at the helm of the aircraft. 

Technological advantage  

The system is based on an innovative IT solution that will enable trainees to complete the training in its entirety, including individual elements such as theoretical and practical classes and distance learning. 


The innovative training system is supported by high technology solutions, including tools that enable the use of VR (virtual reality) and AR (augmented reality) during the training process (such as a VR headset or HUD translucent displays). The training also includes practice inside glass cockpits and two modern flight simulators with different parameters and applications.

Excellence in detail  

We created the Model Pilot Training Service, which is based on the 0-ATPL (Airline transport pilot license) training program. It was a huge challenge for us to implement a teaching approach based on the Kolb cycle that included all the formal requirements for individual licenses and certificates.


Our project's documentation included .... pages ..... we held ... workshops.......... months of design and refinement. 

The journey starts by gaining the recipient's awareness of the center's existence, then, after completing the service, we want to keep the trainee in the company's orbit. Each type of training contains key interactions: physical and virtual points of contact, moments of value, and the moments of truth. To prepare for the implementation, we prepared a guide for trainers on cultural differences and training methodologies in the countries where Royal Star trainees are recruited. 

Service blueprint going digital  

Implementation of this new model allows for the creation of innovative training services, where the learning process can be monitored, and teaching can be individualized depending on the needs of the trainees. The online training platform and application are integral parts of the program, assisting students during the training process. 


A flight school's succession is measured by the pass rate of the ULC (Civil Aviation Authority). Together with the Royal Star Aero team, we managed to create and offer a unique training system, which guarantees excellent preparation for students wanting to start their aviation careers.

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