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The visual and sensory manifestations of a brand should be designed in such a way that they create the desired impression in the recipients", say Bernd Schmitt and Alex Simonson in their publication "Aesthetics in Marketing". Exactly such a goal was the aim of our cooperation with the Darco brand. The result is a complete redesign of the brand architecture, visual identity, key messages and a full package of promotional materials.

  • Krakow, Debica
  • Completed services:
    Brand re-design
    Brand strategy
    Online and offline promotion strategy and plan
    Visual identity
    Promotional and sales support materials
  • Impact:
    Create a new brand image that represents its values and advantages
    Open the way for expansion into new market segments 

DARCO is one of the leaders in the Polish ventilation industry. It is a large organization with nearly 250 employees on board and a huge robotic machinery park. The capabilities of Darco are great.

At the time of our encounter, Darco had achieved everything there was to achieve in its industry: industry leadership, significant sales volume, recognition, partner respect. The Darco brand needed an out-of-the-box look and inspiration to set new ambitions and growth targets.

We simultaneously worked with the Board and the Darco Team on a strategy to develop the product range through design. And on the new strategy for the new Darco brand, about which this case study is about.

A solid company created by wonderful people.

Customer opinion survey 


In the first stage of work we needed to gain an in-depth understanding of the brand's assets and its perception on the market. The research process consisted of an image and design audit, in-depth interviews with executive managers and marketing and sales managers, a site visit to retail outlets, interviews with vendors at retail outlets, a survey of DARCO customers, and data analysis.

Would you be willing to recommend DARCO to your friends/customers?


100% of survey respondents answer "yes!" The audit quickly revealed that people are a key brand asset. Production employees creating the quality of products, sales and customer service department building exceptional relationships with partners, management creating a culture of quality and innovation in the company.


DARCO uses ultra-modern technology


At the product innovation level, Darco needed fresh ideas and a designed process to execute them. Our strategic work resulted in the brand's entry into an entirely new installation industry - systems that support passive construction.


DARCO focuses on innovative design


At the marketing innovation level, we also made bold changes. Creative messages based on values resulting from opinion research and new creation of the brand image and design DNA allowed to tell and show innovation, quality, uniqueness of Darco offer. 


Unique ideas.
Reliable quality.
Joy of use.


All the branding work - from the strategy to the detailed design of visual identity elements and promotional materials - was compiled in the Brandbook. The intention of the Brandbook is to ensure consistency of all brand activities in the following years until the next landmark change. Adhering to the standards defined in the Brandbook will enable the organization to create a well-recognized brand.

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