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When you think of modern, advanced devices do you see a digital interface before your eyes? What if we replaced it with light signaling and the haptic feel you get in your hand by turning the knob on the device? We know that less is more. In the case of the Darco regulator, also more pleasant for the senses.

  • Kraków, Dębica,
  • Services Performed:
    Full new product development process
    Design project
    Product User Experience Project 

DARCO ERO-32 MN is used to control the power of devices such as ventilation or heating. Using the light interface the regulator communicates to the user the status of the device. It intelligently adjusts the level of its own light to the ambient light intensity. Therefore, the emitted light remains discreet so as not to attract too much attention.

As you turn the knob to increase the power, the light line on its edge also lengthens and the light glows more intensively. Decreasing the power gently fades it out. The light also communicates system malfunctions.


The resistance provided by the regulator knob makes it easy to fine-tune the power and prevents damage.


Despite the growing number of solutions for smart homes, a large part of the market offer is dedicated to uncomplicated installations. 


Until now, devices were more often made by constructors than by designers. We decided to change this staus quo and proposed minimalistic, modern design and user-friendly experience.


A simple, modern form means the universal character of the device, which will perfectly find its place in interiors of various design styles. This technical device does not attract attention with unnecessary decorativeness, but also does not make you hide it out of sight.




Until now, the available range of regulators has been limited to a narrow catalog of unimpressive products.


With the introduction of its regulator, the Darco brand has changed this status quo.

Although the controller is optimized for DARCO equipment, it can be offered to other manufacturers to complement their offerings.


Proper ventilation of rooms has a huge impact on human health and well-being - aesthetic and easy to use regulators no longer have to be hidden in invisible places.


Simple design, universal appearance and high quality components will allow the device to operate for a long time without replacement.

The consistent color of all injection molded elements and snap connections will make it easy to disassemble the unit for repair or recycling.

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