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The same, but even better. As much as we would like to say we're the same as always, we're not. We've improved substantially, both as a company and as individuals, and we will continue to. For nearly three decades we have dominated the market with our fine products and services. We partner with entrepreneurs with a vision, helping to establish new businesses, implement new ventures, and create new experiences

We design and advise strategically. We take the latest technology, design quality, and science, and combine it with a business approach. We provide everything a project requires: the product or service creation, branding and market development, prototyping and production, and even the planning of the business development

Katarzyna Śliwa, CEO of Ergodesign talks about #circularchange

To us, innovation is more than a trendy catchphrase; it informs our decision-making and is something we are always striving for. It's also a tool for change. We take an innovative approach to the design process and approach every challenge with a fresh sense of excitement. We look for the missing pieces that will help us to take off

Ryszard Poniedziałek, COO of Ergodesign talks about #designdrivengrowth


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We are a team with a wide range of experience and skills. Our different perspectives complement each other perfectly, providing a smoother design and formation process, from strategy and design to implementation

Katarzyna Śliwa

Chief Executive Officer (CEO),
Sole Board Member


Krzysztof Bogomaz 

Chief Innovation Officer (CINO)


Adam Paradowski

Head of Manufacturing


Sebastian Chojkowski

Senior Designer


Aleksandra Rutkowska

Senior Designer


Marcin Nowak

Design Manager


Małgorzata Sapeta

Senior Strategist and Researcher


Karolina Pamuła

Senior Graphic Designer


Michał Maciukiewicz

Senior Designer


Marzena Pigoń

Design Manager


Paulina Morawa

Senior Circular & Experience Designer


Bartosz Lipski

Senior Designer


Tomasz Orzechowski

Business Architect

+48 665 800 060

Katarzyna Czerwińska

Office Manager


Jadwiga Tynor

Design Manager


+48 696 291 978

Aleksandra Chruścicka

Graphic Designer


Weronika Trębacz

Graphic Designer


Marcin Maciejewski

Future(s) Strategist


+48 609 574 861

Patrycja Grzybowska-Rybak

Brand Marketing Manager


+48 793 185 406

Iga Puzdrowska

Design Strategist


Katarzyna Julia Śliwa

Design Strategist


Karolina Gruba

Junior Designer


Do you feel like this is the place for you?

We are always on the lookout for people fascinated by modern technology and the solutions it provides for our society. Let's get to know each other – tell us about your professional experience and plans for the future. Drop us a line, join our team

The story of Ergodesign is one of overcoming challenges. We're not only changing the aesthetics of physical objects but also the way design can be understood and used to grow businesses. Learn more about our history

1990-2000 2000-2010 2010-2020 2021

The first steps in a new reality

The system change of the early 1990s brought Poland a true explosion of entrepreneurship. In every line of business, private companies were springing up, and, of course, the design industry was no exception. We founded the Ergodesign studio, thus launching a new phase in the history of Polish design

The beginning of Ergodesign

In the 1990s, we implemented dozens of products. Ergodesign could be found in almost every Polish home. We created mass-produced industrial designs with an emphasis on form, function, and durability, which were the most important values at the time

The spirit of 1990s design

Our most famous designs at the time were the Crystal kettle and the Alexis slicer. Today, they are considered design icons of the 1990s and are still even used in homes and featured in design museums. Looking at these designs, you can see the spirit of the 90’s design and the influence of pop culture


We introduce user-centered design

The 2000s were a time when the design industry in Poland advanced in every way, and so did we. We not only focused on the product itself, but its context, the market, and communication with the customer. This was the point where we fully realized the impact of user-centered design

Ergodesign creates well-known Polish brands

One of our flagship projects is the X-lander, a brand of baby strollers which became an enormous success. Suffice to say, at that time the X-lander logo appeared on every second stroller purchased in Poland. Yet baby strollers have a brief life-span — children just grow out of them quickly. We took this as a challenge, and thus emerged the concept for Next Way, an innovative service to give products a second life

Signs of circular approach

This was the first time we used a refurbish and resell business model for our client’s company. Did we consider this to be a success? Of course! The idea was superb, innovative, and forward-looking. Unfortunately, none of this translated into market success. We had set off a bit too early, but today our solution stands as proof that even back then we were thinking in terms of circular design, anticipating the trend by at least a decade


Design as a tool for growth

Twenty years have passed since the system transformation. Companies that were created in the early 1990s are entering their mature phase and are beginning to face mature challenges. In response to these needs we are creating design-based development strategies. This decade is a time for us to move from product and user design to strategic design

The power of change through design

After dozens of design strategies developed for our clients we have acquired a certainty with regard to our competencies in strategic design and the power of design in changing business

The leap to circularity

Yet we still felt something was missing, that our work was shortsighted. We knew that, as a design studio, we could do more. We were inspired by some new catchphrases: environmental, environment-friendly, sustainable, regenerating, renewable, recyclable… We realized that we were always skimming across the surface, but our motivation was increasing. And then we encountered the principles of the circular economy


Our circular transformation

The circular economy is an entirely new economic model – it is holistic and geared toward action, not just theory. This is what persuaded us it was right. This is an environment perfect for the optimistic spirit of activist design. After thirty years, we’ve reached a new starting point – we’re looping what used to be linear

Time for learning

We came to our transformation process as a team. First we gave ourselves time to learn. We organized over twenty internal workshops. We ran research projects on materials and tools, we hunted down the best practices. This stage concluded with setting up our own podcast. A year later, we felt ready for our circular coming out. It was time to do some experiments

Time for experimenting

We invited out clients and their real projects to join our work. We worked with a young circular start-up. We collaborated with recognized brands, redefining their catalogue and making them more environment- and user-friendly. Our clients also include traditional companies, whom we help by managing materials in their production process

Ergodesign HUB

Circular design has opened us up to new experiments. We have reorganized our work, drawing from the lean management concept. All this serves to build, measure, and learn faster. We have also created Ergodesign HUB: a space with partitioned laboratories and a creative playground for ourselves and our clients, so we can work arm-in-arm. We see circular design as a synonym for innovation

Our circular ambition: Circular Change by Design

Begin with the aspiration, and the rest will follow. Our HUB is meant to join companies and serve as an ecosystem for innovation. We are working to be an accelerator for circular design. And to have a portfolio of clients who began their circular transformation with us by the year 2025

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