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The Ergodesign HUB is where we work our magic. It's the ideal environment for those creating and implementing innovative projects.

HUB is our 640-square-meter laboratory space for designing, prototyping, researching, and experimenting. It's the perfect space to collaborate; we work lean, connecting designers and experts and partnering them with our clients and suppliers.

is our address on Przemysłowa Street in Krakow
square meters of studio space
laboratories and libraries


We put design in a broader context: we conduct market and user research, analyze trends and technologies, run tests, and create models and prototypes. We are always searching for the missing element that will make a new project take off

Design Space Prototyping Lab Strategy Lab Research & US Lab Material Library

We work lean

The Lean Method

This is how we work with clients, and it's also the most effective methodology for making innovative projects. It is based on repeating weekly sprints of Build, Measure, and Learn phases. Each sprint allows us to develop a product or service MVP and premises for further development and improvement. This is the fastest and most transparent way of innovation development for the investor. It significantly speeds up the project results and reduces the risk of failure

Build, or: Creation

Build is the first stage of the lean process, where we start by building the MVP. Depending on the project, this might be a sketch, a mock-up, or a prototype, which we test and evaluate to draw conclusions for further development. The Build phase allows us to deliver the project concept after a single week

Measure, or: Verification

Measure is the second phase of our lean process, where we validate the raw concepts we've created, testing the MVPs we created in the Build phase. In Measure, we gather data to assess whether we're on track to meet key success factors. We measure compliance and performance, gauge feedback from industry experts and users, and create decision-making tools

Learn or: Studying and Improving

This is the third and final stage in the lean process, where we discuss the results of the research and testing in the Measure phase with the client’s team. We learn and build assumptions for the next sprint to create a more advanced, more perfect MVP, until the results are a complete success!

Strategic partners

Over the years, we have had the opportunity to work with many interesting people and companies. We have established long-term relationships with many of them

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