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03. shaping

A shared vision of the future

Materialization of the strategic ambitions of the future.

Do you want to know how to give shape to your vision of development?


Create vivid images of the future. Design a prototype, simulation or model to help you understand and evaluate the solutions of tomorrow.

With a materialized vision, we can see how a product and/or service will affect the environment of its upcoming existence.

  • A PHYSICAL PROTOTYPE OF THE FUTURE* a model, render or mockup
  • A STORY OF FUTURE USE* a collage, map or service path
  • A SPECULATIVE OBJECT* an installation, sculpture or scenery
  • *The final form will be identified individually, as part of the cooperation process

Key activities

  • synthesizing all information and data identified at the earlier stages of the project
  • synthesizing all information and data identified at the earlier stages of the project
  • designing

Key results

  • a synthesis of the performed research and design works from across all stages of the project
  • visualization of the vision and the wider context of the future functioning of the ecosystem, products and services, taking into account the relationships between them and relevant interactions
  • evidence of experiences, scenarios and speculations on how the product/service will impact the environment of its future existence

How can we cooperate?

  • we recommend a model based on the Lean Startup and Futures Thinking approach, the aim of which is to involve users and experts in the research and design process
  • cooperation involves weekly sprints, taking place in a hybrid model: offline (Ergodesign Hub space) or online
  • Sprint Review is a session held to summarize a Sprint and determine actions for the next one
  • we recommend that decision-makers should be involved in the design process and a project leader should be appointed

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