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Strategy development

Paths of circular change

We will determine directions for development consistent with the principles of circular economy, linking opportunities in your business environment with the problems and needs of your consumers.

Want to find out how we set the paths of circular change?


To map out the directions of change consistent with the principles of circular economy, taking into account the plans and ambitions of your business.

Through analysis and joint workshops we will generate various directions for your business development. We will prioritize actions and define measurable criteria to assess the success of your circular activities, products and services.

  • map of development outlining possible directions of change
  • action plan for selected directions of change

Key activities

  • Analysis of your organization's potential and readiness to incorporate circular economy guidelines
  • Analysis of project background and mapping of possible directions of change
  • User value analysis, concept compliance assessment
  • Ideation – in a joint co-create workshop, we will determine the details of selected directions of sustainable development for your organization and your offer

Key results

  • Synthesis of qualitative research, definition of goals, problems and needs of customers. Identification of key insights and foresights impacting the concepts of circular development
  • Prioritization of planned activities. Identification of the next steps to be taken
  • Indication of possible development paths in line with the principles of circular economy

Method of cooperation

  • We will cooperate based on the Lean Startup and Design Thinking approach, which involves users and experts in the research and design process
  • The workflow is based on weekly sprints followed by a Sprint Review meeting to set the rhythm of collaboration
  • We recommend involving decision-makers in the research and design process and appointing a project leader in your organization

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