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Strategy development

Shared vision of circularity

Together, we will develop and visualize a vision of development for your organization or offering based on circular economy guidelines.

Want to learn more about the visualization of your organization's development vision?


To visualize a circular development vision for your organization in such a way that everyone in the organization shares its understanding. To define its elements, key assumptions and priorities.

For example, a visualization can take the form of an ecosystem map showing the relationships between customer needs, products, services and other activities of the organization, and identifying external partnerships and resources needed to implement the vision.

  • visualization of the vision of development (e.g. an ecosystem map)
  • product and service briefs

Key activities

  • Synthesizing all information identified in previous sprints
  • Building a shared vision through joint workshop work as well as research and design work in between
  • Identifying relevant guidelines for product and service designs based on: trends, problems and needs of users, standards, technological capacity and limitations, market opportunities and other guidelines to be taken into account

Key results

  • Visualization of the vision and the wider context of the ecosystem, products and services, taking into account the relationships between them and relevant interactions
  • Guidelines that synthesize research and design work carried out at all stages of the project
  • Briefs with guidelines for products and services, defining their form, functions, user experience and unique features

Method of cooperation

  • We will cooperate based on the Lean Startup and Design Thinking approach, which involves users and experts in the research and design process
  • The workflow is based on weekly sprints followed by a Sprint Review meeting to set the rhythm of collaboration
  • We recommend involving decision-makers in the research and design process and appointing a project leader in your organization

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