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01. scanning

The horizon of possibilities

A set of trends and factors of change that underpins the future of your organization.

Do you want to learn how to scan the horizon of possibilities?


Identify the right mix of factors that drive action and creation of long-term innovations.

We provide a broad perspective for detecting the components of change that underlie your future.

  • DEDICATED TRENDBOOK A tailor-made innovation tracking tool. A collection of current issues concerning various markets and industries, illustrating them through products, services, consumer behaviors and use cases
  • INSPIRATION SESSION We help you to interpret the identified trends through parameterization as part of an activation meeting

Key activities

  • a discussion about the ambitions of the company/organization and expectations with respect to the requested trend analysis
  • contexts are determined for the analysis to be carried out and the challenge for the project is defined. The time horizon and the spectrum of the planned change are determined
  • existing data are collected - desk & field research
  • components of change relevant for the specific business context are determined: trends based on the STEEP model - social, technological, environmental, economic and political-regulatory
  • a document summarizing the trend analysis is developed. Plan and presentation for an inspiration session are prepared

Key results

  • selecting the right trends and factors of change to which the specific company or organization should react and respond
  • injecting the company or organization with new knowledge from outside the scope of its activities - out of the box thinking
  • parameterization of selected trends and factors - estimating their impact on the company/organization, its environment and the market
  • indication of the consequences of selected change factors and translating trends into opportunities for system, product and/or service solutions

How can we cooperate?

  • we recommend a model based on the Lean Startup and Futures Thinking approach, the aim of which is to involve users and experts in the research and design process
  • cooperation involves weekly sprints, taking place in a hybrid model: offline (Ergodesign Hub space) or online
  • Sprint Review is a session held to summarize a Sprint and determine actions for the next one
  • we recommend that decision-makers should be involved in the design process and a project leader should be appointed

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