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Avionaut brand strategy, driven by care

An ordinary car trip is not all that ordinary from a child's perspective. Can you really blame them? To the child, the passenger seats are huge, the car itself is even bigger, and their parents are far away, all the way in the front seats (it doesn't sound far, but babies aren't known for their great spatial awareness). Even a short ride feels like an expedition to them, a trip into an unknown land, even if the destination is only a few blocks away. 


We keep all of these points in mind when we design Avionaut car seats.  We want every trip to stay simple and comfortable. We want every child to feel comfortable, every parent to feel less burdened when mounting the car seat, and give an overall satisfying experience to both parties. 

  • Kraków 
    2010, 2015 
  • Accomplished services:
    Creative brand idea & value proposition 
    Brand design 
    Brand audit 
    Creating brand communication strategy 
  • Impact:
    Launched innovative private label child seats
    Created a distinct, recognizable brand (Avionaut)
    Created marketing tools to increase sales and enter new markets

In 2010, we created the Avionaut brand, creating an impressive collection of children's car seats, crafted according to new philosophy and standards on the market. We wanted our seats to be distinguishable yet still meet the strictest standards and safety procedures of aviation. 

This is our story of global innovation, and the beginning of one of the best brands in children's products. We started from the ground and built our way up.

Avionaut, an extraordinary journey


We started our quest together from the request of designing baby car seats. We had a list of requirements; however, we lacked a vision. We needed to find a spark of inspiration somewhere. Should they be soft to support and provide comfort for the child? Or perhaps sportier to leave room for the child to wriggle and move around easier? Should we accentuate the way they're installed? Will the lightness of the seats have an impact on its safety during a collision? To answer these questions, we needed to decide on a consistent brand idea.  


Hard shells, soft interior, an even softer upholstery -  
that's our recipe for a good car seat.


Ryszard Poniedziałek,
lead designer of the Avionaut car seat project  


The Avionaut brand relies on innovative construction, focusing to minimize the forces that affect a child during a collision. Minimization of forces, both in practice and the product, means lightness, innovative materials, new procedures of seat selection, and installation. All of these features, after a series of associations, led us to the theme of aviation.


Thus, we brainstormed and agreed on the brand name Avionaut. We wanted to make even a regular car trip an extraordinary journey for children.

Avionaut, driven with care  


Taking inspiration from the theme we chose, we created a line of 5 child seats: Jet, Kite, Glider and Evolvair. The brand was welcomed in the market and was progressing very well. That is, until, the brand owner's ambitions started to exceed their capabilities. They decided they were ready to innovate globally and enter new markets; and needed the right marketing tools to showcase their innovations. They were ready to break the status quo of the car seat industry.  


We could talk about the innovative advantages of Avionaut brand seats for hours. But when talking to parents, we don't have the time to go through every little detail. We need short, precise, and informative messages that prove the effectiveness of Avionaut's car seats and dispel any doubt the parent may have.


Katarzyna Sliwa,
Avionaut brand strategy project lead 



That's when we reconsidered the Avionaut brand idea. So, we conducted a brand audit that made it very clear that Avionaut needs to prove that its car seats exceed the safety performance of market-leading brands. There is also a need for direct communication with parents because it is they who make the choice of which car seat is best suited for them and their child(ren). 

For this purpose, we developed the Avionaut methodology "How to choose a car seat?", and our own safety standard AvioTest, which summarized the test results at four accredited European certification centers. Our innovative design solutions in the products gained their branding, such as the Dynamis Stress Shield that prevents side-impact collisions.  

Clear, informative instructions were put in the brand's sales support materials, and Avionaut received all the necessary tools needed to conquer the market. Despite their short history (having been created in 2010), they were able to climb past some of the biggest brands in the industry. 

Avionaut Ultralite  


Our latest model, the Avionaut Ultralite (Pixel), was released in the stores. Our challenge in this project was to create the lightest car seat currently on the market. The model started selling in 2016, Ultralite is the lightest in the market, weighing less than 2,5 kg. 

Years later, it is still unbeatable. Avionaut Ultralite is an innovative product on a global scale, turning attention on to the brand. Currently, it is known as the Avionaut Pixel, and it truly captures the hearts of children and parents. 



We have our own technical thoughts and patent our own ideas. Avionaut not only focuses on creating products but also wants to inform and educate parents.


Łukasz Karwala,
Avionaut brand owner

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