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Bosch: The Great Little Compaxx’x Vacuum Cleaner 

Bosch is a household appliance brand which needs no introduction. For over 130 years, it has been famed for its innovations, and for over fifty years it has been a leading name in household appliances. Despite the passing of time and the continual changes, one thing in this company has remained constant: its striving for improvement. 

When the client came to us with a request to develop a new model, we already had over a dozen vacuum cleaner designs under our belt, both consumer and professional. The aim was to give a modern styling to a small vacuum cleaner to fill out the Bosch portfolio. Small household appliances, and vacuums in particular, are subjects we know, partly owing to our twenty years of collaboration with the historical Polish Zelmer brand. 

  • Krakow
  • Impact:
    the design topped all expectations, making it into the portfolio of the flagship brand.
    developing key components of the visual language for Zelmer devices.

We began with a question:

how to package an ordinary, compact vacuum cleaner to make it look like a modern, high-quality product?

We staked our bets on a distinctive body, sharp details, original surface finishings, and a bold color scheme. We were inspired by a Zelmer classic, the Syrius vacuum, as well as some Bosch models. We focused on their shared trait, the lowered back part of the body, which adds bulk to the front and makes the whole shape more dynamic.


Our vacuum acquired a unique look through details associated with the Bosch vacuum line: “perforated” graphics, the line of the wheels, and the raised surface near the pipe. This was complemented by a stark color scheme: saturated black and blood red.

The resulting form so impressed the client that he decided to make its style the basis for a whole line of Zelmer products. This was how we charted out new ways of shaping the surface, arranging details, applying graphic design, and even info icons we designed for many Zelmer devices. In this way, Zelmer devices first acquired their design DNA—a set of traits that made up the brand identity.


The compact and user-friendly vacuum cleaner we designed was so on the mark that the client decided to produce and sell it under the Bosch logo, naming the model Compaxx’x. 

Design process

Design process

Design process

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