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Delphia Yachts. True yachts, or yachts with a passion 

Delphia is one of the largest yacht makers in Europe, and sells both sailboats and motorboats under the name Delphia Yachts. Under the Delphia label, there are up to ten supporting projects such as: the Marine Conservation Foundation, the Racing Associating, and the Baltic Sea Marina. The passion for sailing lies within the founders, employees, and even friends. If Delphia is the sail, then the founders are the steering wheel. One needs the other in order to not become astray. This is how we, Ergodesign, came to be part of its history, exactly one year before Delphia's 25th birthday, to polish up the brand and sharing its fascinating story.

  • Olecko, Warsaw, Krakow
  • Completed services: 
    brand audit, interviews 
    strategic workshops  
    developing a new brand architecture for the group  
    developing brand strategy 
    developing key messages  
    developing communication guidelines and image building    
  • Impact:  
    change of internal and external perception of the brand   
    increased brand value  

Delphia was founded by two brothers, Wojciech and Piotr Kot. Today, it is one of the largest shipyards in Poland and even in Central and Eastern Europe, and part of the French Groupe Beneteau. They produce and sell sailboats, motorboats, ocean-going/explorers, and inland waterway yachts for those eager to explore the ocean. Delphia yachts are designed and created by Andrzej Skrzat, a skilled builder. The Delphia yachts were used by record-breakers Zbigniew Kania, Stanisław Sawko, and Tomasz Cichocki - who used the Delphia 40 model and sailed solo around the world without stopping at a port.

Behind us is 20 years of true dedication. We have built one of the largest shipyards in Central and Eastern Europe. We have produced more than 20 thousand yachts for ocean, sea and inland navigation. We have created more than 30 models. We started off with only a dream.


Wojciech Kot and Piotr Kot,
co-founders of the Delphia Yachts shipyard 

So what's the problem? When we started working on a new brand, and a new communcation strategy for Delphia, the community and even the owners and managers still associated the brand with the shipyard. Delphia Yachts lived in the shadow of Delphia's shipyard, the former often mistaken for the latter, meaning there was a failure to communicate with their end-users.

The litmus test of a brand's strength is the pride in owning a yacht and being a part of Delphia Yachts' community. Our research and interviews with key stakeholders revealed that the brand's heritage and value are unknown within the company, the industry, and the sailing community. We decided that needed to change. So we went on our mission to separate Delphia Yachts from Delphia and showcase it as its own brand.

Manifesto: mission and vision   

We build yachts out of passion. Because we associate sailing with many parts of everyday life: water, strong wind, waves, the sun, that moment during your voyage where you most feel alive. For people like us, there is no difference between water and land, the water is just as much as our home as the land is. 

We are designers, builders, and sailors, and we mean it when we say we build our yachts with a passion. 

We build TRUE YACHTS, yachts with a passion. After all, the only thing that counts at sea is the boat built by sailors and tested by experts. 

Brand attributes: reasons to believe   

Three things count in a real yacht: nautical architecture, manufacturing technologies, and design quality (of both the space above and below the deck, which is important for the comfort and safety of sailing). Different parameters in these areas are designed for different intended uses of the yacht, such as recreational or sports, or sailing alone or in a group. It also affects the yacht's accessibility (for owner use or charter), value, and durability over time.  

That is why we helped establish the Delphia Labs: Architecture Lab, Technology Lab, and Design Lab. Each lab showcases the strengths of the yachts. Before this, they had not fully explored and labeled the parts of the yachts with their given strengths.


Horizons united, or a united flag   

The Delphia Group offers many services and support products that, before this project, were not working effectively together or building a purposeful user experience. We wanted the user to experience the world of Delphia when they purchased their yacht, a trouble-free, relaxing life out on the sea. We combined all the shipyard's activities into one looping process, where the user acquires a boat and any potential need is met from Delphia's range of products and services. As a result, the user will come back for a new, advanced Delphia boat when they feel it's time to switch things up. 

True Yachts, proven by masters 

Our new brand strategy involved conveying and showcasing all the new innovations via promotional materials and a promotional campaign in the trade media. The new design approach was also implemented in their Delphia 34 model, which premiered at Europe's largest sailing and powerboat trade fair 'Das Boot' in Dusseldorf.

During the first few hours after I start sailing, I don't leave the helm. I admire the rocky shores and look out for the entrance to the port of Tangier, beyond which lies only the ocean. I still can't believe that I am here, that this isn't a dream, that my dream has come true.


Captain Tomasz Cichocki,
Delphia Around the World Project  

The development of the brand strategy and its implementation has significantly improved the way the company functions in terms of external communication of the brand, and its organizational processes of promotions and sales. It has made it easier to reach business partners, customers, and employees clearly and consistently. It has also strengthened people's perception of our brand in the industry.


Maciej Kot,
co-owner and Marketing Director Delphia Yachts

As a result, Delphia Yachts:  

  • became a visible and distinct brand within the industry  
  • gained a unique identity and tools to communicate its advantages  
  • attracted new dealers in Germany, France, Finland, and Ukraine and more 


Intensification of promotional activities based on structured brand messages. Increased level of innovation in marketing, production, strategy, internal organization.

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