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As many as 92% of serveyed respondents to the question "Where would you like to charge your car?" answer: "At home". In the ideal model, an electric car is charged directly from a photovoltaic system mounted on the roof of a garage or single-family home.


This is the need that prompted the development of the CC Home home charger for Elzab EcoPower.

  • Kraków
  • Accomplished services:
    Product design
    Design support in prototyping and implementation
    Production of the first production batch
  • Impact:
    Creation of new product in Elzab Ecopower offer


We have been cooperating with Elzab brand for almost twenty years. And we have been Elzab partner in many big changes. This time Elzab wants to conquer electromobility markets. And we had a pleasure to design CC Home charger for Elzab Ecopower brand.


Time is running out


The market of suppliers for electromobility is growing and slowly saturating. Our goal in this project was to create a new version of chargers intended for individual users, which due to technical parameters, functional, visual and design features will be a product standing out among competitor's devices.

In the beginning there was a wheel


The form of the charger relates to the car wheel, which is inextricably linked with the automobile and was our main inspiration. This shape distinguishes it significantly from other solutions available on the market. 

Super fast design, development and implementation


We focused on rapid development and introduction of a new model to the market, so simple design and implementation in medium-series production technologies.  


Therefore, we proposed the casing in thermoforming technology, which is an alternative for high-pressure plastic injection technology. Thanks to that, Elzab did not have to wait for time-consuming manufacturing of the injection moulds and starting of the production. Thanks to this, the customer could launch the product to the market within few months from the start of the project.

We are getting ready for the future


If the European "Fit for 55" climate package is implemented, it will oblige car manufacturers to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in new cars by 55% by 2030. Within the next 5 years, all cars sold will already have to be zero-emission. This marks the end of the internal combustion engine as we know it today and the beginning of the electric car era. 



The charger is made of thermoformed ABS with a sleek, mottled finish contrasting with a glossy sheet of tempered glass.

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