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Electromobility is no longer the future. It is the present.


More and more European cities are closing their centers to internal combustion vehicles. In the first instance, electrics will become the choice of residents of large metropolitan areas. Even if not for ownership, perhaps as part of the sharing economy concept gaining popularity.  

  • Kraków,
  • Accomplished services:
    Product design 
    Design support in prototyping and implementation
  • Impact: 
    Creation of new product in Elzab Ecopower offer

We have been cooperating with Elzab brand for almost twenty years. And we have been Elzab partner in many big changes. This time Elzab wants to conquer electromobility markets. And we had a pleasure to design CC Wall urban charger for Elzab Ecopower brand.

The CC Wall charger is designed for retail, office and public parking facilities and for use as an urban charging station. The charging time from a state of 20% to a state of 80% in a typical situation is just over 6 hours - which is ideal to replenish energy while parking for the night or while in the office.


President of Elzab SA
Bartosz Panek  

In the middle of 2021 in Poland there will be 1557 accessible charging stations for electric vehicles, which means less than 5 charging points for every electric car. The network of charging stations should be dense enough to enable drivers to recharge their vehicles frequently. A full battery equals up to one week of car use. Our CC Wall will be a great addition to the range of city chargers for the expanding network.

Our charger can be mounted indoors as well as outdoors. We have been able to create a modular charger, for different mounting methods: freestanding, on the wall, on the facade of the building.


The construction of the device is characterized by simplicity resulting from the need to increase the reliability of the device working in outdoor conditions. Important for us was the aspect of safe and trouble-free servicing of the device on site. The charger is largely resistant to changing weather conditions and human factors. 

We wanted the unit to inspire confidence in its users with its modern but fairly neutral appearance. The lump has an architectural character that should blend in with the diverse urban architecture.


CC Wall for its potential to blend in with the city, as an integral part of the urban ecosystem visible enough to be easily distinguished from other elements, but not stinging to the eye with fanciness of form. We strived for design that would age well.


Bartosz Lipski,
senior designer at Ergodesign  

Additionally, the charger housing can be covered with an easily washable anti-graffiti coating. The device is equipped with an RFID card reader allowing only those with access to turn on the power.  The charger communicates operation to the user by means of light signaling.  The distinctive shape will help to distinguish it from other objects in the space. 

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