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Voyager X. From uncompetitive to unsurpassed

Globe-Traveller and design have always been close. But their exciting history only began when their relationship was sealed. The company’s visionary management wanted to use design as a strategic tool to allow them to survive on a competitive market, raising the brand to the next level. This was when our design studio entered the picture. We knew the first step would be to redesign an existing model, the Voyager X. Our challenge was to top the catalog of Globe-Traveller vehicles with a better model. 

  • Krakow and Warsaw
  • Accomplished services:
    restyling the interior and outer look of a camper vehicle 
    design support in the prototype and execution

  • Impact:
    the creation of a bestselling model
    design Effectiveness Award 2020

Globe-Traveller is part of the Zasada Group, one of the oldest and largest capital groups in Poland. The brand was created in 2009 in Krakow, born of the personal passion for travel shared by its founders—many-times rally champion of Poland and Europe Sobiesław Zasada, and Jacek Jaskot, an inspired architect. Today, Globe-Traveller not only makes vehicles, but also promotes and builds caravan culture.  


The market success of the new model was something we pursued. We knew we wanted to create a product our customers would love. It’s incredible to observe how methodically design works. Now we have a clearly defined goal and I am certain that design is necessary to reach it.

Andrzej Zawiliński,
CEO Elcamp Group, Globe-Traveller

A bench for two extra passengers was replaced by two separate, fully adjustable car seats

A bathroom with a shower and toilet is now located at the back of the vehicle, next to the main bedroom

A fold-out table surrounded by clever accessory compartments makes it easier to work during a trip


Competition is fierce in the camper van market. To make matters worse, this is a very conservative industry—brands have been targeting the same customer segments for years, focusing on the same needs and copying the same solutions. Room for innovation is reduced to a few details. 


We intended to make the new Voyager X the perfect model, to offer clients a wholly new experience.


To establish what our focus should be, we conducted research. It turned out that nearly 75% of users only slept in their vans or spent as little time in them as possible. 

The practical handles and compartments are adapted to the dimensions and sizes of the most frequently used objects

The chair upholstery and finishings are made of natural leather

Every functional detail is significant, it has to be simple and foolproof

Even parts that are scarcely visible contribute to the quality of the finishings

The lighting not only creates an ambiance, it also increases safety


The Voyager X had to be designed to make spending time inside a pleasure.


Thus the improved bathroom, the diffused intimate lighting, the practical handles, the comfortable work space, the wooden details, the leather upholstery, in short: ergonomics, style, comfort, and quality finishings without compare in this category of vehicle. 

Our aim was to complete the whole project, to implement, build, and launch the new Voyager X during the Caravaning Show 2019 market in Düsseldorf. We had only six months. We began the countdown: 

  • five months to the premiere:
    we designed the concept for possible roads of improvement 
  • four months to the premiere:
    we presented the executive design, taking into account the projected changes to the external surfaces, materials, and color scheme, as well as the graphic design, testing all the solutions on mock-ups, of course 
  • three months to the premiere:
    the Globe team proceeded to build the prototype, and we assumed supervision over the implementation of the new camper 
  • the premiere:
    Globe-Traveller sold twenty-five vans, breaking its record for the premiere week at the Caravaning Show 2019 fair in Düsseldorf and exceeding its sales from the year before—by a full 78%.  

The success of the Voyager X, our first design for Globe-Traveller, paved the way for a new, design-based business strategy for 2020–22.  


As a strategic design company, we aim to provide a product that is technologically feasible and economically viable. The Design Effectiveness Award, which we received together with the Globe-Traveller team, shows that design builds evident value, not only on an operative level, but on a strategic one as well. It can boost the value of the company, its development potential, and the significance of a brand name.


Katarzyna Śliwa – CEO Ergodesign  

Voyager X is a new model of camper:  

  • restyled, built, and launched in the course of only six months in 2019 
  • sold a record twenty-five vans in the premiere week at the Caravaning Show 2019 fair in Düsseldorf 
  • accounted for 50% of all orders in 2019 and a year later 
  • 75% of the total production
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