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Minimalism in Branding and Packaging: Huslog Is Household Logic 

The Huslog brand follows a basic principle of Dieter Rams, “less is more, but better,” and adheres to the Braun philosophy, forgoing excess. At Huslog, we focus on the product and its functionality. We offer intelligent electronics and household appliances. We apply minimalism in branding and packaging, because we are more interested in informing the user than drawing their attention. We want to help them choose a product well and purchase what they need.

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The mass premium trend is increasingly visible on the consumer market.

This new market segment has inspired the creation of more and more new brands. They all seem to offer better quality, but in most cases they boil down to a better appearance, not a better product. 

At Huslog we strive for quite the opposite—to create intelligent, multifunctional, and durable household appliances and electronic equipment in modest packaging, sold at an honest price. Huslog strives for Braun’s philosophy, which posits the “reduction of inessential, garish details and ornaments.” Its name abbreviates “house-o-logic.” The branding and packaging should less entice than inform the customer. It should help them make the right decision.

We are proud of this complex, yet minimalist design.

Every time we go shopping we are bombarded by loud advertisements and encouraged to buy another product we really do not need. In creating formally spare yet highly informative packaging we support sustainable consumption. We also believe that the transparency and honesty of the information we put on our products is the only way to meet the expectations of customers in search of ethical solutions. 

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