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Maas Loop: Reuse what’s good, reduce what's not      

Maas Loop proves that new opportunities are opening up with changes in the circular economy. The company is working to develop the glass waste recycling market in gastronomy. The circular business model of this start-up lets you earn three times on something that is presently landing on the garbage pile. Mass Loop invited us to join this project, hoping we would visualize and bring to life their business idea. The Minimum Viable Product (MVP) concept we developed has already gathered a million złoty for further development!

  • Krakow, Rzeszow
  • Services Performed:
    designing the device’s visual ID and the user’s product experience
    product design and preparation of the development process 
  • Impact:
    we proved that the Maas Loop business idea is viable
    supplying the results and a positive evaluation of the start-up incubation phase  

Maas Loop is a business idea inspired by the principles of the circular economy. The company offers to help its clients limit its quantity of glass waste and the costs this generates. To this end, it supplies equipment to crush used packaging into glass sand. But this is not all—Maas Loop buys the resulting raw material for upcycling and reworks it into products whose value exceeds that of glass bottles.  


It was evident to us that we had to begin by designing the whole system, as that would structure the vision. Then we met Ergo Design. And you did a super job!


Paweł Ciesielski,
CEO of Maas Loop  

All the functions with just a press of a button

The final product is glass sand ready to be reused

The bottles can be tossed into the device’s chamber and crushed when they pile up

The machine is the size of a typical home appliance


We joined the Maas Loop project to bring their business idea to life. When we had agreed on the overall concept of the device, we immersed ourselves entirely in the product design process. 


Here we encountered three main problems. The first was the noise the device made. The second was safety in operating it—after all, a crusher is a heavy device, and the premise was to make it easy for anyone to use. We wanted to give the user a positive experience, which would help us get consumers used to the innovation. The third difficulty was cleaning the inner parts (including the sieve) of the packaging. 

After two generations of prototypes we have a Maas Loop device that is an effective part of a system of recycling and reusing glass. It reduces the quantity of glass waste by 80%. It is safe and easy to use. But more importantly, it is ready to be mass-produced.


Paweł Ciesielski,
CEO of Maas Loop

The Maas Loop glass crusher is the first professional heavy-duty device of its kind which operates as easily as a  household appliance 


Less waste, more resources 

Join us and become part of the circular economy!  

This means the Maas Loop system:  

  • comes from a very streamlined design and development process  
  • checks out at the first stage of building MVP and has passed the incubation stage with flying colors 
  • has gained financing—a million złoty for further development 
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