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We are living in a time where technology affects all areas of our lives. Discoveries and inventions constantly change the world around us. What was the beginning? What was happening one-two-even three hundred years ago? Back in 2018, there were no institutions in Poland that displayed the history of inventions or the development of communication technology. We are passionate about invention, which is why we were incredibly eager to join the Museum of Communication Foundation project. The goal was to create a modern museum based on a private collection of communication technology relics, giving them the space to tell their own story. The collection includes key inventions such as telegraphs, cipher machines, spy machines, select automobiles (such as Little and the first special-purpose vehicles by Ford), and airplanes (several relics of Polish aviation designed by the owner's father). 

  • Warsaw, Krakow
  • Completed services: 
    museum of Communcation Foundation strategy 
    museum of Communcation brand strategy 
    museum of Communcation branding project 
    design of the program and creative concept of the Museum of Communication exposition  
  • Impact: 
    creation of the program offer for the Museum of Communication  
    creation of an action plan for the Museum of Communcation Foundation  

Dialogue with technology   

We were impressed by the visions both the founder and collection owner had for this project. Our task was to develop the ideological and creative concept for the Museum, and our goal was to create a modern Museum that offered a narrative, interactive experience for the audience connected with real, valuable relics. We created a concept for a physical museum that would home the collection. Meanwhile, in order to achieve our mission to have the museum be accessible to all, we not only developed an educational program for children and young people but also a virtual tour of the museum online.


Our collection is the core of what we do.


Zbigniew Lassota, 
Founder of the Museum of Communication  


History of invention is a history of people  

We started our work by learning about the history of the museum's founder, Mr. Zbigniew Lassota, and his collection - helping him to analyze and document over 1200 pieces. His collection includes key inventions such as telegraphs, telephones, cipher machines, typewriters, and many others that unfortunately were not used much in their time. 

All of the pieces in the collection could not wait another few years until the opening of a physical museum, so we decided that a more effective way to display these pieces was by creating a virtual museum. We created an educational program for children and young people that the Foundation is able to run alongside the virtual museum. Our project turned out so successful that we were awarded in the Visible Museum (Muzeum Widzialne) competition.


New museology   

The idea of the new museology has initiated major changes in our thinking about the role of the museum in the contemporary world. Along with questioning the traditional formula, solutions and a clear direction for change emerged. This included a creative institution, playing an important social role, conducting scientific research, combining education with entertainment, and stimulating the development of tourism. 


While researching for a concept for our museum, we visited many museums of technology in Poland. We looked at the statutes, programs, and exhibitions of the popular institutions in Europe. It was important to stick to the general principles accepted by the international museum community, called the ICOM Code of Ethics for Museums, developed in 2004 by the International Council of Museums.

The Museum's New Formula 

From dozens of trends, research insights, and inspiring benchmarks, a promising concept for our Museum of Communication finally emerged:

we wanted to create a museum laboratory.   


The history of human's inventions



A study of the impact of technology on society today   



educational and scientific activities

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