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Anex Quant, or: The Start of a Collaboration 

Quant is the model that began our collaboration with Anex Baby brand. For Anex, in turn, this was the first product created with an external team of industrial product designers. Our partner was a demanding client driven by a mission to make parenting a marvelous adventure, full of fun and style. Quant was to be the leading model in their catalog, the perfect baby cruiser for city streets, parks, and playgrounds. 


After two and a half years of designing and developing the idea, we had a carriage that combined all the functions we had planned, and all using a single hand. This design was a real brain-teaser—we began with a spread of 100 parts which ultimately assembled into a stylish model. It has been singled out by users and the jury of the Red Dot design award competition.

  • Krakow
  • Accomplished services:
    research, tests, and design of the product
    support at the implementation stage
  • Impact:
    releasing a new model in the brand catalog
    redefining the brand’s product design 

Anex is easily gaining a foothold in the industry, in spite of having only been established in 2012. This brand focuses on products for children, without forgetting about their parents. It has an unusual mission—it wants to free parents and families from their stereotypes. 


Anex offers modern baby carriages that are durable and made of environmentally-friendly materials.

The main challenge in creating the Quant model was the lack of experience of the Anex team in collaborating with an external design studio. We had to learn to work together, to combine the client’s solid construction know-how with our user-focused design idea.


Work on Quant, involving nearly 100 parts, over thirty mechanisms, hinges, buttons, and add-ons, opened up a vast space for us to carve out our mutual flow.


We began the design process by conducting research and tests to set out the most desirable functions of the carriage and the most convenient operating methods. This led to the concept of the perfectly functional carriage.  


When we were certain we had the ideal user experience and construction solutions, we moved on to developing the detailed design, creating our technical premises within an original styling. We began by designing the parts that would make the perfect look: the central Q-shaped hinge, the gondola shape and the stroller seat, and innovative wheels were the trademarks of the Quant model.

In Quant we managed to bring in all the functions we aimed for, and so that it could be operated with one hand. Several of them are so innovative that you will find them in no other carriage. But our biggest success was managing to merge all the most desirable functions of premium carriages into a single model, while other brands offered them only separately. 

When I think about this design two years after its implementation, the first word that comes to mind is “technical.” The Quant was a brain-teaser we managed to wrap up in simple UX and pure styling.  


Sebastian Chojkowski,
Senior Industrial Designer, Ergodesign  

In the Anex Quant, all the ergonomic parts can be adapted to individual needs.


The stroller seat folds into a gondola, and the length and tilt of the recliner can be regulated with the touch of a button. The gondola is propped on a hard shell made with injection technology, which allowed us to add honeycomb-shaped reinforcements. This makes it highly secure and stiff. To see the quality of the Quant design, it’s not enough to look; you have to try out how easily this model can be pushed and collapsed, ensuring comfort to the child and the parents.

We see the success of this design not only in the Red Dot Awards, but also in our long-running collaboration with Anex—we are presently collaborating on a fifth carriage model, and the number of our designs is always on the rise. The same goes for the innovation of our solutions. And Anex is gradually shifting its focus from fashion to good design. We believe that this has been our contribution.

Jury evaluation 

The Quant carriage is convincingly functional, and the hard gondola is a delight, with its elegant, classical, yet modern look.

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