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We define Design DNA as a set of repeatable visual product features that can be applied to products of different types. Design DNA primarily creates guidelines for the design of new designs. By implementing DNA, brands become more noticeable by the customer and have a visually coherent offer. For the Darco brand we created Design DNA awarded with the iF Design Award.

  • Krakow, Debica
  • Completed services:
    Development of Design DNA
  • Impact: 
    Design in accordance with new design standards of two style lines forming together almost 40 products

DARCO is one of the leaders in the Polish installation and construction industry. It is a large organization with nearly 250 employees on board and a huge robotic machinery park. The capabilities of Darco are great. At the time of our meeting, Darco had achieved everything there was to achieve in its industry: industry leadership, significant sales volume, recognition, and the respect of its partners. The Darco brand needed an out-of-the-box view and inspiration to set new ambitions and growth targets. 

At the same time we have been working with the Darco management and team on a new strategy for the new Darco brand. And also on the strategy of developing the product offer through design, which is the subject of this case study. 

Darco offers over 5,000 accessories for ventilation and heating systems. Many of the products on offer are technical innovations that are the first choice of professionals, while few are designed to be appreciated by the end user.


Darco's technological park allows for the manufacture of precise, advanced products, which the previous offer did not utilize. Darco's ambition has been to enter into its own high technology equipment. 

At the product innovation level, Darco needed fresh ideas and a designed process to execute them. Our strategic work resulted in the brand's entry into an entirely new installation industry - systems that support passive construction.


Three product DNA concepts were proposed for the selected DARCO product lines. Ultimately, two were implemented: 

Darco System
Darco Ventlab 

The main assumptions of Darco Design DNA: 


Shape of products - geometric blocks.

Well-suited for interior architecture. 



Made of quality materials - precision finished and painted metal. 

User experience. Functional product enhancements - such as a grille with easy cleanability.

VENTLAB line is a premium product line, which is intended to increase sales on foreign markets, especially German speaking markets. The features that should distinguish VENTLAB products: professional, solid character of the products and precise production in every detail. Adding minimalistic, modern design we will obtain premium products and easily justify their higher price. 

The DARCO SYSTEM line is a basic segment - it represents the middle scale and budget segments. The line is characterized by regular divisions, delicate character, and precision manufacturing. 


DARCO SYSTEM offers above-standard design addressed to the mass customer who expects an aesthetic product at a reasonable price. The systemic nature of the offer makes it possible to select a design that matches various types of interiors. 

Boxes of new DARCO products, visible from a distance, are piling up in big-box stores. And the first of the product types to go on sale are selling in the dozens every day. 

It's a confirmation of a successful strategy, great quality and the power of a consistent brand, achieved through design. 

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