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The aim of VSHAPER was to build a world innovation brand and launch it on the market: technology allowing you to do five-axis 3D printing. This was the function assigned to the VSHAPER 5AX device we helped design, a pioneering solution in the world and the flagship model of a planned product line to be released in the near future. This is why it was so important to our client to incorporate great design in the project, which we did by developing a visual key, standards of usability, and ultimately, a system allowing the device to be used in print farms. We felt the VSHAPER technology was a breakthrough of remarkable potential.

Here is how we imagined a corresponding language of design.

  • Krakow
  • Completed services:
    new product development
  • Impact:
    creating a visual language for the VERASHAPE devices and the pioneering VSHAPER 5AX innovation
    designing a device which can, in the near future, be easily used as a part of print farms

Design DNA 

What makes the design of the VSHAPER 5EX unique is the composition, built around vertical and horizontal lines in the manner of Mondrian. The lines separate the modules of the unit, making it easier to produce the body. The printing chamber (or “magic box”) is located in the upper left-hand corner and is singled out with a different material—glass. The same construction grid can be used for every subsequent VSHAPER model, including for the print farms planned for the near future. 


The VSHAPER 5-AXIS device departs from conventional methods of layer-by-layer printing, allowing you to build spatial models through all five axes simultaneously.

The results are heretofore unachievable complex organic shapes (e.g. medical prostheses). 5AX is also the flagship model of a whole line of devices in the VSHAPER series.


VSHAPER AX5 is a true innovation.

Our design took into account all the aspects that could have an impact on the final shape. And when we say “all”, we mean dozens of parts, from mapping key points of user interface with the software and hardware to servicing and logistics. We tested the construction concept right from the pre-prototype phase. We were aiming for first-hand user experience, so that in further stages we could test and perfect the form, and ultimately use it to communicate the sophisticated technology and perfect ease of use.  

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