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Crystal Clear – how do you design the circular products of tomorrow? 

28.07.22|8 min

A step towards circularity Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Component recovery and repairability to keep products in circulation for longer are the key challenges that our designers faced when coming up with kettle concepts for The Story of One Kettle. Future Lab by Ergodesign exhibition at the Gdynia Design Days (2-10 July 2022).  They all prove that […]

The five principles that have helped us design the circular exhibition for the Gdynia Design Days 2022 

28.07.22|12 min

Every exhibition is a spectacle that requires an appropriate set and backdrop. The arrangement of an exhibition is an individual project, tailored to the presented narrative and exhibits.  Is it, then, possible to design an exhibition in line with circular economy methodology despite the fact that it is a one-off event? We have accepted the […]

Circular economy. A new buzzword or the future of business?

16.05.22|6 min

Sustainability, circularity, CSR, ESG and GRI – the business world is overrun with new catchwords. It is hard to steer your way through the maze of new terminology, and there is less and less time to learn. Now is the last moment to start acting.    Article by Katarzyna Śliwa, CEO of Ergodesign, in cooperation […]

Do you want your business to be circular? Learn the 10 key rules.

04.05.22|4 min

Circularity – an idea and an opportunity for business growth. It sounds inspiring, but what it means in practice? We clear your doubts, answer your first questions and give you our “ten commandments of circularity”. With these 10 simple rules you can start your circular adventure even today. In the article you will find: a […]

Can consumer electronics be green? Check out our new report “Impulses of Circularity” to find out!

07.04.22|5 min

Do you make, manufacture or distribute consumer electronics? Looking for a vision of development for your company or organization? Want to comply with the principles of Circular Economy but don’t know how to take the first step? Maybe you’d like to set new ambitious goals for your business?  Or inspire yourself and your team? If […]

Circular Loop Canvas – download our tool for building circular strategies

07.04.22|6 min

At Ergodesign, we have repeatedly faced the challenge of guiding a client through the process of change towards circularity. Strategic work where you build guidelines for products and services is a multi-level process. To make it more concrete and have a single common scheme for everyone to use, we have developed our original tool called […]

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